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Hospice of Orange & Sullivan

Patients find enhanced quality of life

Patients find enhanced quality of life – and quality of care – at Hospice of Orange & Sullivan

Sponsored Content. A top-rated hospice in caregiver and family satisfaction, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan offers comfort to patients and their caregivers.

At Hospice of Orange & Sullivan, patients and their loved one are finding that hospice provides comfort – and can be a meaningful chapter in a patient’s life.

Whether one is receiving hospice care at home or The Kaplan Family Hospice Residence, patients are met with the utmost care, support, and compassion; Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties was recently recognized with Strategic Healthcare Program’s “Superior Performer” Caregiver Satisfaction Award for ranking in the top 20% nationwide in caregiver and family satisfaction.

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is one of only four hospices in New York State to achieve this designation. With a dedication to improving patients quality of life while offering comfort and dignity, Hospice goes above and beyond, offering clinical, emotional, and spiritual care services, along with bereavement support and children’s grieving services.

When is it time?

Many think people only enter hospice when they have a matter of days or weeks to live – but it is a common misconception. Hospice is recommended for patients with life-limiting illnesses who are expected to have six months or less to live. Unfortunately, many do not take advantage of hospice options to enhance a patient’s quality of life during this time, often not using the benefit at all or waiting until there are only days left.

Many families often wish they had their loved one enter hospice care earlier. On a recent Hospice of Orange & Sullivan family satisfaction survey, a family member explained “We had always heard of Hospice, but until someone experiences the comfort, peace and compassion we all experienced, no one can truly understand. Our only regret is that we did not call Hospice sooner, for our sister and ourselves.”

Another family member noted: “We felt very comfortable in your care.  Our mother was given back a quality of life when one no longer existed.”

Families often express that hospice restores a patient’s quality of life. President Jimmy Carter, for example, entered hospice last February. His grandson, Jason Carter, told People magazine that his family thought the former president only had “a matter of days left” at the time.

But ten months later, Jimmy Carter is still receiving hospice care, dispelling the myths that hospice hastens death or is for those who have given up hope. “These last several months have been surprising for all of us, but it’s been a real blessing,” Jason told People magazine, reflecting on additional time spent with family. The former president is also focused on spiritual care at this time. “This is an important part of his faith journey, and it’s one that you don’t get to experience at any other time in your life except for the very end,” he added.

“And so in that way, I think this has been a really meaningful time for him, and it’s been a really reflective time for him.”

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