Bereavement Services and Grief Counseling

Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties provides supportive bereavement services and grief counseling for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one. These services are available at the time of admission all the way through the duration of the illness and the grieving process.


Adult Grief Support Groups For All

To maximize safety of all, Hospice is pleased to announce Virtual Grief support to those currently experiencing loss. If interested in joining a support group, please call our Bereavement Department for an intake: 845-561-6111.

For list of current support groups please click:  Adult Support Group Schedule


Individual Grief Counseling for Families Receiving Hospice Care

Grief can be as individual as the person experiencing it, so providing comfort must also be personalized. Our Social Workers assist Hospice families with grief support. Telephone Counseling Available. Please call the Bereavement Director 845-561-6111.


Children and Family Grief Services

Children and Family Grieving Services is to promote healing by providing an opportunity for
youth to express their thoughts, verbalize their feelings, and share their experience of grief. This is
accomplished through art, music, books, and discussions. We service young children ages 6 through teens through
 Thriving Families Program. To find out about this program, Click Thriving Families

Thriving Families: building resilience
A Virtual Family Grief Program


Grief Symptoms can be heightened during this current community health crisis

Hospice would like to offer additional practical information to assist you thru any grief you are experiencing during this time. Well-meaning friends may encourage you to think or do things that don’t feel quite right to you. You may be surprised by the intensity of your feelings.

The work of Bereavement Care is to offer information, support, guidelines and “travel tips” from people who have traveled this journey before you.


We welcome you to read and print these informational sheets