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Nursing Home Care

Hospice Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities

What is Hospice Care in a nursing home?

Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc.  works with nursing home staff in the area of pain and symptom management, focusing attention on the relief of stress and anxiety associated with caring for terminally ill patients and their family.

You should know nursing homes who offer comfort or palliative care programs, sometimes even referring it to “hospice- like” care, is not Hospice. Only a certified hospice agency can provide Hospice Services. This is not often offered as an option preventing your loved one from receiving the specialized, expert care of our staff and our additional services to enrich the care provided by the nursing home staff unless Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties is included in the care of your loved.

Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc.  specializes in at home care, and that includes when “home” is a nursing home. It is so important for those who are seriously ill to remain in a familiar and supportive environment when receiving end of life care. In coordination with the nursing home team and the plan of care, HOOSC provides the highest quality of care needed to give residents and their families compassionate care, comfort and peace of mind.

Who is Eligible for Our Nursing Home Program?

Residents of area nursing homes who are living with a life limiting illness and in agreement with the goal of comfort care are eligible to receive Hospice services. When we are notified by patient’s family or nursing facility, we contact the resident’s physician and meet with the resident and their family to determine the right time for services to begin.

Residents who receive hospice services remain under the care of the nursing home physician, with our medical director available for consultation if needed.

Why Should We Use Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. Services When My Loved One is in a Nursing Home?

We are contracted with most nursing home facilities throughout Orange and Sullivan counties. Our interdisciplinary teams provide the skills and expertise that will improve quality of life by providing extra care for your loved one and attend residence care plan meetings.

We can offer Hospice Aide Specialists for extra one on one care three to five days a week. Families are so thankful for the added care providing:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Skin and Hair pampering/shaving needs
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Assistance with meals
  • Mouth care
  • Change bed linens
  • Communicate and track medical changes of the patient to Hospice case manager such as: pain, skin changes, behavior, etc.
  • Provide certain supplies that may be needed such as: skin creams or dressings
  • Help to ensure a clean and comfortable environment
  • Help to get them up and moving if possible and change of position
  • Weather permitting getting them some fresh air and a change of scenery if able
  • Spend time getting to know patient and their likes and dislikes
  • Create pleasant surroundings by providing favorite music, tv shows or activities if able
  • Companionship
  • Form a bond with family members
Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties

Our RN case manager provides routine visits to:

  • Coordinate care plan in collaboration of nursing home team.
  • Collaborate care with physicians regarding pain management and symptom control.
  • Advocate for families and patients with all needs.
  • Order DME (Durable Medical Equipment) if needed.

Hospice Social Workers aid with practical and financial concerns as well as emotional support, counseling and bereavement
follow-up. They evaluate the need for volunteers and assist in communication between the patient and family when needed.

Spiritual Care offers comfort to residents and families. They can serve as a link between residents and their place of worship.

Volunteers supply a variety of services for your loved one. A much-appreciated visitor, a friend who can read to them, help in writing a letter, or a companion to sit quietly near them offering them a compassionate hand to hold.

Hospice nurses are on call 24 hours day/7 days a week to address any patient needs or family concerns. 845-561-6111

Hospice of Orange and Sullivan is contracted with our local nursing homes listed below. There are others…Ask for us by name…Hospice of Orange and Sullivan, your community Hospice for over three decades.

To be eligible for Hospice services in a nursing home, patients must be a resident at a contracted nursing facility, have a life-limiting illness with approximately six months or less life expectancy. Residents on our Hospice program may continue under the care of the nursing home’s physician.

*Coronavirus Guidance for Hospice Patients Residing in Nursing Homes and Group Homes that Contract with Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties. 


Our local facilities currently contracted with Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc.

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