Thriving Families: building resilience

A Virtual Family Grief Program

The Thriving Families Program promotes healing by providing an opportunity for youth to express their thoughts, verbalize their feelings, and share their experience of grief. This is accomplished through art, music, books, and discussions. We service young children ages 6 through teens. The Thriving Families Program consists of Youth Portion and Adult Portion.

During the Youth, Portion children will be provided with structured activities with weekly themes and topics. Family involvement and support is highly encouraged. We do ask that only people who are registered participate in the groups.

The Youth Portion will consist of two curricula via Zoom that will alternate after each completed session. Each session meets three times on a Monday. Circle of Friends is designed for younger children (age 6-12). Together We Can is aimed toward teenagers. The groups will run for up to 90 minutes but may conclude earlier if clinically appropriate. We ask that an adult be available to assist the child(ren) with starting and ending each group.

We invite parents and caretakers to participate in the Adult Portion entitled Nurturing Families, a virtual zoom group on Tuesdays. This group offers an opportunity to discuss the previous day’s youth portion, issues concerning your child(ren), as well as share your own experience of grief. We recognize that we are all different, and our reactions to loss may be uniquely different. Adult group discussions cover a variety of subjects, including the emotional and physical impact that grief and loss have on children and adults. We provide education and understanding, working together to overcome the challenges ahead. 

Thriving Families Schedule 2022


  • Adults will register for the Family Program:  Call Bereavement Counselor:845-561-6111 x 232  
  •  When grief presents concern in a child
  •  All ages may participate in each session, understanding that each session is specifically designed for a   developmental level.


  • Family Intake Interview with Clinician
  •  Two consents to be completed:
  •  Telehealth consent – signed by an adult
  •  Thriving Families Family Program  Consent-Signed by Adult
  • Agreement to assist the child in the program and compliance to Zoom Group parameters

Youth Portion Alternating Curriculum:

Circle of Friends:    Primary Curriculum (6-12 yrs)

Together We Can:   Secondary Curriculum(13-16 yrs)

  •  Time-Limited
  •  three sessions
  •  Select Mondays
  •  Time: 6 pm -7 pm

Adult Portion:

⇒ Nurturing  Families

  • three sessions
  • Select Tuesdays
    The theme reflects the child(ren) program
  • Time: 6 pm -7 pm