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Our recent Family Satisfaction Surveys offered heartfelt testimonials from our families and caregivers.

“I am a retired RN and my sister is a retired nurses aid, so we understand what was happening with our mother, but the hospice team helped us through her last days at the hospital.”

They were wonderful, we really appreciated all they did.”

“I did not want hospice for my friend. I was talked into it by the rehab facility. I’m grateful they were persistent and made me change my mind. I will be forever grateful to Hospice.”

“Hospice of Orange & Sullivan not only cared for my Aunt but also my Mom. Kudos to Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, they are the best!”

“All hospice support was greatly appreciated. All team members did an incredible job in providing support and care to my husband, me, and my family. God bless them all.”

“My family and I greatly appreciate the care and support given to my father as well as the rest of us. Thank you so much.”

“My hospice team was great. I miss them. They helped me keep my father comfortable and peaceful. I am thankful for every one of them.”

“Just wonderful, caring, and helpful caregivers. Thank you”

“Thank God for the Hospice workers…so much better care than the nursing home alone.” 

“I have always recommended the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence to others. Our family was very pleased with quality of care and the staff.”

“When her health started to fail, Hospice came in and helped her make her transition peacefully. She also made dear friends through the caring people of Hospice, especially Sister Ann Daly. She also had an aide that came and helped her in the end that was very caring and dear to my mother. Melany was very helpful with keeping her occupied and upbeat and always made Dolores smile. Dolores lived a full life and enjoyed sharing all her memories with the people she loved. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. We would like to offer special thanks to Hospice of Orange and Sullivan for making the end of Dolores’ life so peaceful and comfortable… they gave so much support and love.”

-The Family of D. Metcalfe, Washingtonville, NY

“It is with sincere gratitude that I write this. Hospice and all the nurses, aides, and care team were exceptional, and all of you made this transition to death smooth and with grace.  You all helped ease my mom’s physical pain and, in the end, were transparent about the whole process.  This is a difficult time as she was with us for so long. Now there is a void however she is home with her family that she loves, and we are here to move on and continue until it is our time.  Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

-Donna Ramundo, Tuxedo, NY

“Hospice helped my husband in the last four months of his life. The nurses, hospice aides, social workers, and volunteers were wonderful. They are the most caring, unselfish people I have ever met. As my husband was nearing the end of his life, they were with us more and more, and helped me to understand what was happening and what he needed. I cannot praise them enough.”

-C. Halprin, Greenwood Lake, NY

“Thank you staff and volunteers who make this needed service available to the community!  My sister and I are so very appreciative of all that was respectfully and  compassionately done at the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence to help our cousin pass from this world to Heaven in the best way possible. We are eternally grateful!

– S. Beck

“I, and all my family, want to thank you for the thorough and compassionate care given to us during my father’s final days. We have remarked often what a wonderful organization you have. It was our first experience with hospice and was so wonderful and helpful in orienting and equipping us for what we were facing. Much love and appreciation. May you and your team prosper and be in health as you enter this new year. May you hang on to that steadiness of spirit as you care for so many who are trying to navigate unknown waters.”

-Sheila Greco, Airmont, NY

“No words can convey our deepest appreciation and gratitude for all the loving care you gave us when we needed help. A special thank you to the 3 Angels you sent to us, Brandy, Jamie and Jessica, so loving and caring to my husband and our family”

-R.C & Family, Parksville, NY

“I could not have asked for a better place for my brother to live his last weeks of life. The “Angels on Earth” at the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence went above and beyond and gave him the dignity I wanted him to have. I also want to thank the chef, who knowing Doug could not swallow, also went above and beyond to fix meals he could eat.  I will never forget all these wonderful people who helped me, my family and our brother through a difficult time.  What a beautiful peaceful place. God bless all of you.”

-Teresa Lyons, Newburgh, NY

“Each person brought into our home a professional attitude, loads of practical  ideas to help with Richard, and most important…a bedside manner that made Richard feel important and cared for.  The four of us caregivers always felt like we had the best team to work with!  When a Hospice care team member visited, it was always about care for Richard, but also care for us as well. Their jobs were endless and were always done with kindness and compassion. Thank you Hospice for continuing to be the angels we families so desperately need in our most difficult times.”

-Family of Richard Dickerson, Warwick, NY

“I can’t express enough the support and understanding the staff provided to me during my husbands illness and after he passed. Their professionalism and kindness went above and beyond. As an HR Director for over 30 years, you can only hope to hire staff like yours.”

-Maria Eugene, Newburgh, NY

“Please accept my sincere Thank You for all you provided both physically and spiritually during my Grandmother Nancy’s end of life journey. You made the whole experience not about death, but about life for us all. You gave me the courage and support to keep her comfortable and pain free during those final days, and were always just a phone call away if I needed you. May GOD bless you all for the work you do every day.”

-Melissa Toromanides & Family, Marlboro, NY

“I have praised your Hospice Services to everyone since my experience last year.  You enabled me to keep my  beloved mate at home, something we could never have managed with out you. I will forever be grateful to you all. Our family loves Sr. Ann dearly and we were so grateful to her for conducting Ed’s memorial service.”

-Carol Zaback, Hamptonburgh, NY

“My brother Paul recently passed away at the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence.They were absolutely wonderful to him and I appreciate the care he received. The staff was the best and always went out of their way to make him comfortable. We are (and especially Paul) was blessed to have such wonderful and caring people around him on a daily basis. God bless all of you!!”

Yvonne Polman, Rock Tavern, NY

“Many thanks for the care given to my wife Maureen in the final months of her battle. Hospice aide Amber was tremendously helpful with my wife’s quality of life challenges and Maureen quickly grew to trust her and to enjoy the joyful spirit she brought into our home each day. The compassionate and professional medical care provided by Nurse Deirdra relieved me of the overwhelming challenges associated with my wife’s condition and allowed all of her medical needs to be met in the comfort of our home. Resources made known to us by Social Worker Donna made a world of difference in the rest of our needs being met. I truly do not know how we would have gotten through without Hospice.”

David Terwilliger, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

“My husband and I want to thank you for the kind, caring women who came to visit us today. After spending countless hours on the phone with people who seemed like they cared, the wonderful helpful loving team (west) gave us hope that there are definitely good people on this earth. We are grateful for the immediate response. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– D.K., Port Jervis, NY

“You made my mother’s transition from this life to the next more gentle and peaceful than we could have imagined. My family is endlessly grateful for the room you opened to us and the total support system that kept us going through such a heart-wrenching time.  Newburgh is blessed by your team, your facility and your superb care.”

– Mary McTamaney and the friends and family of Betty Reed, Newburgh, NY

“On behalf of our family we would like to thank the Hospice program for helping us through this trying period.  We felt very comfortable in your care.  Our mother was given back a quality of life when one no longer existed. We were able to have a healthy grieving period without the burden of care-taking.  Your program truly made all the difference with our experience. Love and Thanks…”

– The Seymour Family, Newburgh, NY

“The extremely competent and compassionate care that was given by Hospice for my wife will always be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.”

– Richard Bardin and Family, Newburgh, NY

“We called upon hospice knowing that our mother was nearing the end of her life, but  not knowing what to expect. Upon calling, we received the support we needed to keep mom comfortable at my brother’s home.  Oxygen, medications along with the care of a nurse allowed mom to rest comfortably and our family the gift of spending quality time with her. This experiencing has changed the way I look at death now. I am so glad to know that there is such a thing as hospice care.Thank you for treating my mother and our family with such care and respect.”

– Nancy Decker, Watertown, MA

“Thank you Hospice friends for helping me through the last chapter of my mothers life. You helped me to understand the process of the end of ones life.”

– J.E., Roscoe, NY

” Thank you for the TLC you gave to our long time friend during the time he was in your care.  Your care and support saved the life of his wife by taking the burden off of her.  God bless you all and your work.”

– D & D.G, Rye, NY

“Thank you for the wonderful care you gave my husband and the continued support you give me.”

– P.R., Hankins, NY

“Karl, my step dad, and my family hoped that with the support of Hospice, he would be able to spend his last weeks and days in our home, close to us.  Hospice and especially our team that was close to us made that hope a reality.  He was able to be home the last two months of life, exactly where he wanted to be.”

– Karin Gorr and Family, Hortonville, NY

“I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to hospice for helping me and my family during and even after the passing of my wife. They were and still are, dedicated, caring and a compassionate organization. For without your guidance and help, I wouldn’t have made it through this difficult time by myself. Your continued support is welcomed with open arms.”

– Ken Doolittle, Wallkill, NY

“Thank you for the Hospice care that was given to my mother at the Montgomery Nursing Home. The extra help and support that my mom and family received from the aide and volunteer was invaluable. We so appreciated everything you did for her and for us.”

– Diann Michael, Pine Bush, NY

“I want to thank each and every one of those who cared for my friend. In the visit I made to her at your Hospice Residence, as emotional as it was, I could see the compassion from each staff member. You are all a blessing to those families you care for. You are the Angels sent from Heaven above.”

– Nina, H., New Paltz, NY

“Thank you to the team of committed servants who cared for me during June-September 2014. These four uncompromising servants of our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ showed the love of God to me in a new and fuller way. Not only is Hospice better understood but being cared for as a patient was beautifully shown and exalts who and what they do.”

– Pastor Robert Foster

” On behalf of the Albert L. Cline family, I would like to thank the staff of Hospice for providing such warm and compassionate care during his terminal illness. Our desire to him home as long as possible was facilitated with the oversight of Home Care Hospice Services, and when it became needed for resident care, it was such a gift to us to have him admitted to the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. Our last memories of Leon were those of comfort and peace surrounded by friends and family”.

– Judy Cline/the Cline and Alfred Family, Newburgh, NY

“My Mother was fortunate enough to be under Hospice care at my home for the last few months of her life. I cannot say enough about the professionalism, caring and personal commitment of our Hospice nurse and our Hospice Aide. They became part of our family and we will always be grateful.”

– J. Lennon, Warwick, NY

“Hospice was a gift for my sister-in-law Denise and her family. Denise was taken care of by such loving, compassionate people at the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. Her family was able to spend quality time with her daily and were able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, as they did in years past, by bringing it all to her at the Residence. In any season, Hospice is a Gift.”

– The Jensen and Raymond Families

“Please know how blessed my family and I were to have finally been able to get my mother to the hospice residence. It was an oasis of comfort, beauty and extraordinary care. I am so grateful to each of the staff I met there. Though I miss my mom, I love that I am able to say that she had “a good death.” That is due entirely to the incredible work that you all do. Eternal thanks.”

– Caryn Rossi, Durham, NC

“There is no greater sorrow than watching a loved one pass away from painful cancer. Thank you Hospice for all of your guidance and support through this terrible family time. Our “Daddy” was our hero and it would have been unbearable without the support of the Hospice Team to help us navigate the journey. Thank you for all you did for our family!”

– The Family of Mr. Francis Moran, Pearl River, NY

“I am grateful for all that you did to take care of my mother. For taking her pain away and the comfort and education you gave me to help me to understand. Words can not express my gratitude for you heard me when the doctor’s didn’t.”

– Georgina Esposito, Monroe, NY

“While death will come to us all, it is always hard. Having my sister at the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence made it a little easier for us. Everyone treated her with respect along with her family and friends. My sister was kept as comfortable as possible and when her daughters had questions, they were always answered. My sister was given respect, dignity and love not just from her family, but also from her hospice family. Thank you for all you did.”

– Rose Panella, Valrico, FL

” Your organization took on the task of providing care and services for my sister. You provided counseling, advice, medications, nursing services, medical equipment, and guidance to her and our family in a very difficult time. Your organization is extraordinary in its caring and skill. For all your work, dedication to your ideals, and all your help, my family sends its deepest appreciation.”

– John F. Betz, Red Hook, NY

“We can not thank you enough for the care you gave our sister and the kindness you bestowed upon our family. We had always heard of Hospice, but until someone experiences the comfort, peace and compassion we all experienced, no one can truly understand. Our only regret is that we did not call Hospice sooner, for our sister and ourselves.”

– Ronald and Veronica Galletly, Montgomery, NY

“To our friends at Hospice. Many thanks and great appreciation for the tender loving care administered to my wife. From day one to the very last, our tense anxious days were relieved by your presence here at our home. We were happy and glad that we called, and only wish we had called sooner.”

– M. Manzolillo, Jerffersonville, NY

“Toward the end, Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties came into our lives and guided us through the last days with grace, love and understanding. My darling was at home surrounded by family and then, in an instant…he was gone”.

– Audrey Feldman, Pine Island, NY

“After many weeks in the hospital, it was a comfort to Doug’s sister Jeanne to live her last weeks of life in the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. The Kaplan Residence is a warm, inviting, and quiet place and we believe that Jeanne found a measure of peace both physically and emotionally.”

– Doug and MaryEllen Glorie, Marlboro, NY

“I could sleep peacefully at night because my brother was at the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence.”

– Linda Douglas, NYC

“Hospice held my hand so I could let go of my mother’s.”

– Sheila Jacobsen, Wurtsboro, NY

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