Spiritual Support for Patient’s and Their Families

Something I learned early in my 15+ years of hospice work is that no one “gets over” losing a loved one; we only “get through” it, eventually finding a place where life starts to feel normal again. Grief is truly a process that is different for everyone; it is a journey and part of our care to the families we serve is to provide support through that journey. In addition to our bereavement groups and counseling sessions, Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties offers memorial services in the Spring and the Fall for those we have lost in the last 6 months. We invite families/caregivers whom we have served to gather and participate in a time of reflection, encouragement, and fellowship. These services help people identify how they are moving through their grief and find hope and renewal. ~Chaplain Chris Boyd

Twice a year Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties holds spiritual memorial services in both Orange and Sullivan Counties to remember the patients for whom we have cared in the past six months. These services are nondenominational and open to all in the community.

All questions and inquiries about Community Memorial Services or Spiritual Support please call Spiritual Care Department: 845-561-6111

In abundance of caution, we have suspended our memorial services until further notice. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Sullivan County: Sunday, Spring 2020 – Suspended
Orange County: Sunday, Spring 2020- Suspended

“The Memorial Service was truly amazing. Being among those who were still grieving, yet celebrating their loved one’s life was reinforcing and comforting.  I especially appreciated the holiday letter with the many suggestions about getting through the season without your loved one. Thank you for your continued care and concern.”