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Emotional Care

Caregiver and Family Support

Providing care for a loved one can be a rewarding experience. You may gain new closeness with the person for whom you are caring or find strength in your ability to care for another. At times, though, care giving can be overwhelming. At these moments it is helpful to have someone to listen to your concerns and understand your feelings. You can find renewed confidence and support through Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties’ social workers. These members of your care team are here to listen, assist and support you. They help you regain the strength and power needed to enjoy meaningful time with your loved one.

Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties

How Our Social Workers Assist Caregivers and Families

All hospice social workers are fully certified LMSW’s and are experts in community resources and are able to assess patient and family needs. Your social worker may recommend community services like Meals-on-Wheels or financial/legal resources. They also have expertise in counseling and will provide support and guidance with issues surrounding the care of the patient and the needs of the family. Your social worker explores alternatives for patient and family situations which are occurring in the present, have occurred in the past, and might occur in the future after the death of the loved one.

Practical and Emotional Support for Caregiver

Hospice social workers provide assistance with practical and financial concerns as well as emotional support, counseling and bereavement follow-up. They evaluate the need for volunteers and other support services that would facilitate communication between the family and community agencies.  Hospice also provides an instructional guide for caregivers. We hope that this information makes you more knowledgeable about caring for your loved one.

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