Updated Message to Our Community Regarding COVID-19/Aug. 2021 - Hospice of Orange & Sullivan
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Updated Message to Our Community Regarding COVID-19/Aug. 2021

 Update: August 17, 2021

The staff of Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is grateful for the opportunity to provide care for you and we thank you for this privilege. As you know, hospice care is individualized to meet your needs and our staff is always assessing ways to personalize care while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic safely.

Each staff member is required to understand and to practice infection control measures, but most especially as we all work to reduce real and potential exposures to the COVID-19 virus. Our staff follows Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and New York State Department of Health (DOH) guidelines – but as you know these are ever-changing. You should expect that staff members who provide in-person care will ask many questions of you and the members of your household, as well as potential visitors, around travel and activities of daily living so that we can minimize any potential exposure. Rest assured that we are doing the same with our staff in order to do the same for you.

Each situation is unique, and we fully understand that there is no one size fits all approach and so we ask you to consider the following:

  • Please attempt to limit in-person visitors as best you can.           
  • Please consider wearing a mask when our staff is in your home. Whenever possible, caregivers should remain six feet away from staff.  Visitors in your home should excuse themselves to another room in the home or remain outside while our staff is present. At times you (patient and caregiver) may be asked by our staff to wear a mask while they are visiting. We will always provide a rationale for this request and respectfully ask for your cooperation. We can provide masks should you need them, but rest assured the masks that you are currently using, along with social distancing will suffice.
  • Hospice staff will always offer options such as a Telehealth visit, or a phone call should you wish to restrict visitors to your home. The only exception would be to provide care that can only be done in person. As always, we will tailor our care to your needs.

We will continue to provide you with any important updates and we strongly encourage you to ask questions of our staff.  Hospice’s goal is that you are completely comfortable with us entering your home in a manner that is both respectful of your needs and in compliance with safety measures. Please reach out to us at 845-561-6111 for any further information, clarification, suggestions, or feedback.

Most sincerely,
The Staff and Administrators of Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties