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Thoughts From Our President & CEO

“It’s time to rethink how hospice care is funded. I am sharing this article that was written by a Professor from the UK that is spot on and mirrors the situation here in the U.S.

Professor Bailey speaks about an aging population that will increase demand for end-of-life care and the consequences of underfunding hospice care.  One quote resonated with me: “Such care should not be solely reliant on the goodwill of people running in marathons, baking cakes for community sales, and buying from charity shops”.

The U.S. Congress can fix the problem by increasing Medicare reimbursement to hospices – and ensure that mandated costs are covered. Research has shown that hospice care saves Medicare approximately $3.5 billion for patients in their last year of life. I’m calling on Congress to take this issue on. Not-for-profit hospices provide quality care – not only to the patient but to their support system as well.”

– Sandra Cassese, President & CEO

How much do we really value end-of-life care? – University of Birmingham