Only Hospice Provides Specialized End-of-Life Care in Orange & Sullivan County Nursing Homes - Hospice of Orange & Sullivan
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Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties

Only Hospice Provides Specialized End-of-Life Care in Orange & Sullivan County Nursing Homes

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. specializes in at-home care. This includes when “home” is a nursing home. It is important for those who are critically ill to remain in a familiar and supportive environment when receiving end-of-life care. In coordination with the nursing home team and the plan of care, Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties provides the highest quality of care needed to give residents and their families compassionate care, comfort, and peace of mind.

Residents, family, and staff all benefit when long-term and hospice care are under one roof. This gives your loved ones the additional comfort and care they deserve. Nursing homes offer “end-of-life palliative care,” but this is not the same as Hospice Care. Only a certified Hospice agency can provide hospice services, which combine end-of-life symptom management with spiritual support and grief counseling for patients and family, alike.

Hospice’s interdisciplinary teams provide the skills and expertise to improve quality of life by providing an extra layer of end-of-life care. Nursing home care coupled with hospice services ensures daily meals, hygiene, changing of linens, physical therapy, activities, and administering of medicine continue uninterrupted. Hospice in nursing homes can reduce the need for costly hospital readmissions that might only serve to agitate an already-suffering patient. Rather than be transported by ambulance to a hospital, patients can, in many cases, have the same level of care brought to them, allowing for final days spent in comfort with familiar surroundings.

Much like hospital staff, our Hospice teams can also educate and advise families when it comes time to make difficult decisions. The care we provide is not limited to the physical but extends to the psychological and spiritual, as well. Hospice grief counselors are there for residents, relatives, friends, and even nursing facility staff throughout the grieving process – from prognosis to last breath and beyond. Learn more about our nursing facility services, here.

Death, like aging, is a process. Few of us like to think about either. Even fewer can say they are prepared. Regardless of which process is being faced, the further one progresses, the more assistance is needed. While nursing homes provide quality of life to the elderly, only hospice care ensures comfort, counseling, and quality care at life’s end.