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Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc.

Social Workers Provide Added Support Role in Orange County Nursing Homes

Many people understand hospice care as a service provided to terminally ill patients in their own homes, but few realize that this service is also available and highly beneficial to nursing home patients in Orange and Sullivan counties, New York. One way we heighten the quality of care given to nursing home patients is by providing a hospice social worker for our patients, aiding in practical matters such as financial planning, as well as emotional support.

Nursing home residents with a life expectancy of six months or less have different needs than other nursing home residents. While nursing home workers often focus on general palliative care – which can include restoration or prevention – hospice care workers are solely focused on providing the added care that is necessary for terminally ill patients, such as making end-of-life decisions, managing pain, and receiving emotional support. You can read more about our general hospice services to nursing homes here.

Hospice Social Workers have a unique role in the patient’s care, evaluating the wellbeing of their patients. They act as advocates for the nursing home resident’s needs, evaluate the need for volunteers, coordinate and revise care plans, and provide communication between family and patient when needed. They also can connect family and patients to relevant resources or support services, such as counseling and bereavement services. Further, they assist with funeral planning, paperwork, and documenting patient’s end-of-life wishes. To learn some more details about a hospice social worker’s role, click this link. Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc.
employs social workers who truly get to know each patient and their needs. Our social workers find providing such pivotal assistance rewarding and work tirelessly to secure a beneficial experience for our patients and their loved ones.

Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc. social workers are employed alongside a full team of specially trained professionals to give the patient the greatest assistance. When it comes to making important end-of-life decisions, managing pain, and receiving emotional support, Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc. has decades of experience aiding patients and their families. There are others, make sure to choose your community hospice if you, a loved one or someone you know needs this special end-of-life care or needs bereavement support, please call Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. today at 845- 561-6111 or find us at Your choice does matter.