Running for a cause’Forestburgh 5K raises $24,000 for Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. - Hospice of Orange & Sullivan
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Running for a cause’Forestburgh 5K raises $24,000 for Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc.

Aug 23, 2016

Forestburgh 5K

By Joseph Abraham – sports editor


FORESTBURGH – The Forestburgh 5K Run/Walk celebrated its tenth anniversary on Saturday as 150 runners and walkers ran to support Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties Inc., raising $24,000 dollars.
Forestburgh 5K Honorary Chair Anthony Kane was one of the people who started the race 10 years ago. Jim Galligan, the Forestburgh supervisor at the time, talked with Kane about adding a 5K to ‘Forestburgh Day,’ with the idea that the money would be donated to Hospice, where Kane served on the Board.
“A group of us got together with the Sullivan Striders and they gave us guidance on how to put it on,” Kane said. “We started with a small group and we started to grow every year, netting an average of $16,000 a year for Hospice.

“This is a community race and a community event. We chose a worthy cause and it has personally been very rewarding.”
This year’s race was originally not going to happen. During last year’s race Kane announced that it would be the final one. However, Kane was approached by several members of the community, who told him it was too important to not happen.
Nancy Kane also served as honorary chair of this year’s race. The race committee included Sue Goodreds, Gary and Rose Berson, Emily and Chris Colson, Kacy Colson, Mary Devitt, Ellen and Jim Galligan, Meagan Galligan, Ron and Eileen Geysen, Harold Johnson, George and Jackie Juergens, Susie Landis, Matt Moscato and Tom and Joan Smith.
This year’s event had over 100 sponsors and more than 40 volunteers who put in over 500 volunteer hours.
“The race is extremely important,” said Janice Valentino, director of marketing and development at Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc. “It’s the only fundraising event in Sullivan County that benefits Hospice. It means a lot to have the Sullivan County community come together for Hospice. We’ve been caring for patients in Sullivan County for the past 23 years.”
Dan Grady, president/CEO of Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties Inc., appreciated the community’s help.
“All of what we do is supported by the community,” Grady said. “We enable families to keep their loved ones at home. We’ve served more than 1100 people in bothcounties in the last year. The race enables us to keep services going for the terminally ill and their families in all the locations we provide care. The largest percentage of where we service people is in their own homes. I am thankful for all the race participants, sponsors and volunteers.”
Woodbourne’s Michael Parlapiano, owner of Premier Physical Therapy in Monticello, won this year’s 5K.
“The course is always tough here,” he said. “There are a healthy amount of hills to push your stamina. The uphill finish is always a challenge for everybody.”
Evgeniya Korotkova was the first overall female in the 5K.
Peter Hannert ran the race with his dog Roux.
“Roux is a much better runner than I am and it was inspirational to see her athleticism,” Hannert joked.
Carol Kerstein ran the Forestburgh 5K for her second time.
“I love the reason we are running and that the money goes to Hospice,” she said. “I love all the people who volunteer and put the race together. It is very well organized and there is good energy.”
The race ended with medals awarded to top finishers per age group, as well as in several special categories.
Goodreds, who was race co-chair, reflected on the 5K and ‘Forestburgh Day.’
“A sense of satisfaction and pride settled over the small Sullivan County town at the end of the day,” she said. “Everyone involved in the 5K Race/Walk and Forestburgh Day had given something of themselves to others. It was a good day.”

5K Run
Top 10 overall
1. Michael Parlapiano 20:27.7
2. John Recchin 21:03.0
3. Nicolas Winograd 21:18.2
4. Matthew Moscato 21:19.0
5. Erik Morse 22:28.8
6. Cam Raker 22:44.4
7. Pastor Ramos 22:53.5
8. Hunter Fein 23:31.5
9. Tom Manza 23:38.5
10. Evgeniya Korotkova23:42.0

Top finishers per category
Overall Female
1. Evgeniya Korotkova 23:42.0
2. Jillian Cardona 24:09.7
3. Christa Tyler 24:51.3

Female 10 & under
1. Abby Morse 32:42.8
2. Kaitlyn Morse 41:56.9

Male 10 and under
Hunter Ebeling 37:33

Female 11-15
1. Amalia Decker 28:42.2
2. Mckenna Cooper 31:22.8

Male 11-15
1. Cam Raker 22:44.4
2. Hunter Fein 23:31.5
3. Sebastion Meredith 28:14.0

Female 16-19
1. Mayah Sachs 31:41.2
2. Ariana Meredith 38:59.4

Female 20-29
1. Stephanie Heisler 32:15.0
2. Jaclene Austin 34:02.7
3. Kaitlyn Kellam 53:00.2

Male 20-29
1. Spencer Kordecki 29:05.0
2. Jacob Fredi 29:37.5

Female 30-39
1. Shannon Parlapiano27:52.1
2. Erinn Morse 30:45.9
3. Justine Scully 31:27.3

Male 30-39
1. Erik Morse 22:28.8
2. William Coffey 26:07.8
3. Joe Ebeling 37:38.0

Female 40-49
1. Heather Raker 25:04.1
2. Jill Gurda 27:13.2
3. Maurene Wassermann29:11.0

Male 40-49
1. Matthew Moscato 21:19.0
2. Ron Palson 23:57.1
3. David Meredith 24:04.1

Female 50-59
1. Marie Enright 31:14.5
2. Carol Kerstein 31:32.5
3. Karen Ufret 35:21.3

Male 50-59
1. Pastor Ramos 22:53.5
2. Boris Boroda 24:10.5
3. Bob McPhillips 24:55.7

Female 60-69
Joan Smith 37:44.9

Male 60-69
1. Tom Manza 23:38.5
2. Anthony Batko 27:36.4
3. Frederick Petrie 29:10.8

Female 70-79
1. Patricia Kantor 37:59.2
2. Ellen Bresky 38:44.3

Male 70-79
Carl Amaditz 33:24.4

Female 80 and over
Mary Heinle 43:24.5

Male Age Not Provided
1. Unknown Partic. 32:21.5
2. Brian Dennis 39:19.0

5K Walk
Top 10 overall
1. Barry Lewis 36:57.2
2. James Goldfarb 39:15.1
3. Helen Rados 39:29.0
4. Daniel Sturm 42:08.3
5. Doreen Olver 42:27.6
6. Alexander Decker 42:43.0
7. Sabrina Decker 43:08.5
8. Carol Sonnenschein45:16.5
9. Juliet Charkin 45:16.6
10. Janet Morganstein 45:36.2

Top 3 per category
Overall Female
1. Helen Rados 39:29.0
2. Doreen Olver 42:27.6
3. Sabrina Decker 43:08.5

Female 99 and under
1. Carol Sonnenschein 45:16.5
2. Juliet Charkin 45:16.6
3. Janet Morganstein 45:36.2

Male 99 and under
1. Alexander Decker 42:43.0
2. Brian Sonnenschein 46:42.0
3. Victor Grund 49:25.3

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