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Quality Matters

With authenticity as its ethos, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties redefines the measures of quality end-of-life care.

The end of life brings emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. For those with a terminal diagnosis, hospice care provides compassionate support through which life can be lived fully and freely. “People are completely unprepared for the type of empathy and true caregiving that transpires once they come on hospice,” says Sandra Cassese, President and COO of Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties. “We try to add more life to your days.” A pillar of the community for more than 30 years, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and has been named a TOP 10 Hospice in New York State. But its measures of quality care go far beyond the bureaucratic requirements. “People may think quality is about regulations, graphs, and data,” says Melissa Hansen, Director of Quality. “But each one of those rules and metrics is about doing the right thing for our patients and their loved ones.”

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