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NYS Department of Health Thanks All Nurses in Recognition of National Nurses Month

Hospice is proud to share this letter from NYS Department of Health to all Nurses. We share their sentiments in recognition of National Nurses Month May 2020


Dear New York State Nurses:

We have not known a moment in our lifetimes when the daily work of nurses has been more widely and deeply appreciated than right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those in the healthcare profession understand the incredible physical and emotional discipline and strength required of nursing. But through this shared crisis, the public has also come to a profound awareness of how truly “essential” your chosen vocation is to the well being of everyone.

You are the individuals on the other side of any public health emergency. You provide critical care and comfort within hectic environments. You are the hand that reaches out to the seriously ill patient when contagion keeps families away. You will be forever superheroes to a generation of schoolchildren around the world.

As we celebrate National Nurses Month 2020, please accept our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Department of Health and the State of New York. Every May—the heart of spring and nature’s renewal—the nation pauses to remind every American of nursing’s phenomenal, never-ceasing contributions that often get taken for granted.

The specialized knowledge, skill, expertise, and leadership of nurses—whether in direct patient care, nursing education, public health, administration, or the military— improve the quality of health across society. Few professions impact such a diversity of people as nursing; we have all at one point been beholden to the focused, quality care of a nurse.

We know that New York’s 282,543 RNs and 71,688 LPNs will lead our state and nation through the COVID-19 pandemic and help us achieve a better and more solid place from which to care for all of our residents.

Thank you again for everything you do for the people of New York. Happy Nurses Month!


Howard A. Zucker, MD, JD Commissioner of Health