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Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties

Adapting a Longstanding Hudson Valley Hospice Tradition to 2020

Since 1988, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties has been an innovator in providing end-of-life care in the Hudson Valley. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced adaptations in how care is provided in patients’ homes, Orange & Sullivan was among the hospice organizations that redefined “home” care, by providing the feeling of home, even when a patient can no longer remain at home. This ingenuity has made us well-suited to continuing to provide care amidst the pandemic, and it has touched every facet of our mission: symptom management, spiritual and emotional support, bereavement services, and even our traditions.

For nearly thirty years, large Christmas trees adorned the Galleria at Crystal Run’s double staircase each Holiday Season. Beneath these trees, holiday shoppers gave gifts in the form of donations to Hospice in memory or in honor of a loved one as part of our Holiday Tree of Life program. It became both a Hospice and Galleria tradition, kicked off with an annual celebration and concert beside the staircase. This year, following all necessary social-distancing procedures precludes a live event, but for our inventive and dedicated team, that’s no problem.

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is excited to announce that the Holiday Tree of Life tradition will continue in 2020 by going digital! This year, Tree of Life donors, whose contributions directly benefit individuals receiving end-of-life care or bereavement services from Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, will receive an animated digital card bearing the name(s) of the loved one(s) in honor of whom the donation was made. Since the cards are digital, they can be shared with friends and family around the world, meaning all who share the cherished memories of your loved one(s) can see them honored!

To learn more and purchase a digital card, click here.

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is honored by the sponsorship of our community partners: P&P Quick Copy, Orange & Rockland Utilities, Adams Fairacre Farms, Emporium Square Artisan Market, Peck’s Market, and our longtime friend, the Galleria at Crystal Run, which has always given the Holiday Tree of Life a home.