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Hospice Redefines “At Home Care”

Hospice is recognized as compassionate and dignified end-of-life care provided in the comfort of patients’ homes or in the comfort of our peaceful facility, but did you know Hospice care can be provided in nursing homes?

With our Hospice Care Team, residents, family, and staff all benefit, when long-term and hospice care are under one roof, giving your loved one the additional comfort and care they deserve.

End-of-life care is very different from general medical services and very specialized. While hospice care is specific to end-of-life needs of the patient, regulations require a nursing home to provide care just as a family would in a home setting, therefore making the roles of hospice and the nursing home complementary.

In nursing homes with a Hospice presence, the daily meals, hygiene, changing of linens, physical therapy and administering of medicine continues uninterrupted, while the Hospice team provides an extra layer of end-of-life care for both patients and families.

Hospice Care Teams in nursing homes can reduce the need for costly hospital readmissions that might only serve to agitate an already-suffering patient. Rather than be transported by ambulance to a hospital, patients can spend their final days in comfort in familiar surroundings.

Death, like aging, is a process. Few of us like to think about it, and even fewer of us can say we are prepared. Regardless of which process is being faced, the further one progresses, the more assistance is needed. While nursing homes offer help with custodial care for the aging; Hospice provides both patients and families with compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care that can only be delivered by Hospice professionals when end-of-life care is essential.