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Hospice Family Life in the Hudson Valley

When Hospice care becomes necessary, memories matter. Hospice’s mission is to provide dignified end-of-life care, while allowing patients and their families to spend quality time together in a home setting, be it a family home, nursing home, group home, or our own Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. With the care and support of a Hospice team, family dynamics can be maintained and final months lived.

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is best known for working within the homes of Hudson Valley patients. Here, as with anywhere hospice care is given, interdisciplinary teams supplement physical care with education and emotional support. Nurses, social workers, and volunteers stand by patients and their loved ones throughout the grieving process and help families to better understand the care given at different end-of-life stages. Relieved of the responsibility of primary care, families can use this knowledge and spiritual support to be fully present during their loved ones’ final months. Home care means just that. Patients who remain in a home setting are able to continue enjoying family talks, dinners, and celebrations.

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan understands, however, that home isn’t always a house. This is why our services are available at contracted nursing homes. Hospice care in assisted living facilities can reduce the need for costly hospital readmissions that might only serve to agitate an already-suffering patient. This allows for happier residents and a higher quality of family time.

To see the fullest extent to which hospice care adds dignity and meaning to end-of-life, one need only visit the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. Here, registered nurses, practical nurses, Hospice aides, social workers, and trained volunteers provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week among private rooms and comforting amenities. The Kaplan Residence offers patients and their families a common area for shared activities, featuring a meditation room, sunroom, parlor, dining room, and gardens. There’s even a spa offering complimentary treatments that relax and refocus.

Hospice is a plan for living, and because food is one of life’s great joys, the Kaplan Residence includes a Nourishment Center featuring cooking facilities that are available to families and visitors, ensuring that special meals and traditions can continue to be enjoyed together. Click here to learn more about the Kaplan residence.

Regardless of where care is given, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is committed to serving both patients and families. Our interdisciplinary approach to physical and spiritual care provides patients with dignity and families with memories.