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Hospice Brings Hudson Valley Residents Remote Bereavement Services

National emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic heighten grief symptoms, so at a time when social distancing is mandated, our Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is making sure no one has to grieve alone. While our bereavement groups cannot currently meet in person, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is offering online grief encouragement through a remote support group and an informative video presentation.

Led by Hospice Social Worker Erica Forsythe, the Comfort In the Storm bereavement support group meets online Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. The group is for community members who have lost a loved one to COVID-19, and participants can register by calling (845) 561-6111 ext. 214 or emailing [email protected]. Upon registration with Hospice, Hudson Valley participants will be individually invited via email.

While Hospice is typically associated with end-of-life care, the nonprofit has also made its video presentation on coping with grief, Pressing Through Together: Building Resilience, Available to the general public. As Hospice’s grief counselors point out, we are all experiencing a type of loss in the midst of the pandemic, be it the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a depletion of savings, or even just the halt of our social lives. The half-hour presentation explains the importance of routines in maintaining a healthy mindset, gives pointers on helping children express themselves during quarantine, and outlines touching ways to honor loved ones who have passed during a ban on mass gatherings. Click here to learn more about Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties online bereavement support group and grief counseling services and to view the video presentation. 

Hospice care is about life – helping patients live their final months and helping their loved ones carry on in spite of loss. When so much of daily life has come to a stand still, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is here for you, providing the resources needed to press through together.