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A 20/20 look at Hospice Care

“I wish I called sooner” is a common statement made by caregivers of Hospice patients. Misconceptions about Hospice can lead many caregivers to not realize Hospice is available for their loved one. An unfortunate and prevailing misconception is hospice is for patients who have given up on life or families that have given up on their loved ones. The goal of Hospice care is to make months, not days, of a terminally ill patient’s life worth living!

Hospice is about emotional and spiritual care as much as it is palliative care. Many people mistakenly believe Hospice care extends only to the patient, but Hospice social workers are present for the duration of care, offering emotional support to the caregiver and family.

When considering Hospice, many patients and their families mistakenly believe care will be expensive. The truth is that Hospice care is covered by Medicare/Medicaid as well as many private insurance companies when hospice care is provided in the home. Services are provided for as long as is needed by the patient.

Patients are sometimes apprehensive about Hospice care because they fear being removed from their homes.  In fact, most of Hospice care is administered in patients’ homes, exactly where many want to be, including a nursing home. Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties does offer the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence, one of the few hospice residences in New York State.

While doctors can refer patients for Hospice care, they are not the only ones able to do so. It is a patient’s right to decide when he or she is ready for Hospice, allowing patients and caregivers to be able to make the referral. Hospice will work closely with primary physicians and considers the patient-physician relationship to be of the highest priority. Patients can also elect to leave Hospice and return to treatments, at any time.

The decision to put a loved one on Hospice care can create unforeseen tension within a family. For this reason, Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties offers counseling and advising throughout the duration of care, as well as a variety of bereavement services. Hospice care doesn’t end at end of life. Instead, it shifts focus to the family’s bereavement and offers support for up to thirteen months or more.

Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc. has been providing Hospice care for over 32 years and has become the leading resource in our communities.  Call Hospice today if you have any questions.  845-561-6111 or go to hospiceoforange.com.  We have been and will continue to be here for you always.