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Hospice and Heart Disease Article

*As seen in The Cornwall Local/News of the Highlands Fri. March 12, 2021 Peace of Mind edition

Hospice and Heart Disease
Janice Valentino, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach
Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc.

While coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone’s mind in 2021, heart disease remains the leading cause of death, resulting in nearly 15 million hospital visits per year.

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties has generations of experience supporting heart patients in our community. We are skilled in physical care specific to those with end-stage heart disease, and we provide spiritual and emotional care to these patients and their families as well. Because February is American Heart Month, we would like to provide tips that promote a healthy heart while also raising awareness of how hospice care benefits patients suffering from end-stage heart disease.

Start by taking care of your body. Regular exercise, eating fruits and vegetables, and abstaining from smoking are three easy ways to help your heart. The U.S. Department of Health recommends around 5 hours of mixed high and low intensity exercise per week. Taking any steps, you can reduce stress will also go a long way in preventing heart disease. Meditation, therapy, and relaxing activities can all help with reducing stress.

But what about those who have already received a heart disease diagnosis and are in the late stages? Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is here in your neighborhood to help. There are several symptoms we consider in determining eligibility for hospice care. For those who qualify, we provide an added level of support during congestive heart failure and terminal heart disease in the familiar setting of the patient’s home or nursing facility, by employing a team of experts that manage physical and emotional symptoms. For patients who require twenty-four-hour care, our services are available in the comfort of our Kaplan Family Hospice Residence.

Regardless of where care is administered, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is committed to providing the community with counseling sessions, support groups, and social workers to assist with the emotional toll of heart disease, whether for patients or loved ones. If you think you or a loved one might qualify for hospice care, contact us today, and we will help you through the next steps.

This region is our home, and we have spent over three decades growing our organization into a supportive community member. There are others, ask for us by name.  Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties is hospice care for Orange and Sullivan counties. When we care for patients, we are caring for our neighbors. 845-561-6111. Hospiceoforange.com