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Whether at home, in nursing facilities, in group homes, or our own Kaplan Family Hospice Residence, Hospice care normalizes family relationships and provides opportunities to make lasting memories. A trained Hospice team takes the burden of responsibility off the primary caregiver and family, allowing families to engage and share more quality time together.

Family Life with Hospice

No matter where home is, Hospice allows patients to receive care in a comfortable, familiar setting, while surrounded by family, friends, and even pets. Patients receive the same symptom management and palliative care that would be provided in a hospital, but without having to be separated from the people, foods, belongings, and routines associated with home. Family dinners can continue, along with some favorite shared activities.

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties understands
The decision to seek hospice care comes with many questions.Our teams educate patients and families on all services and care that will be provided, helping answer questions and allowing for peaceful discussions and decision making.

Kaplan Family Hospice Residence
When 24-hour Hospice care is needed, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties provides a home – one where family, friends, and pets are always welcome, traditions can continue, and shared interests can be pursued. Offering the possibility for patients to retain a home setting defines the Hospice mission.

The 11-bedroom Kaplan Family Hospice Residence has “family” in the name. Designed with quality time in mind, it features a common area for residents and visitors, including a meditation room, sunroom, parlor, dining room, and gardens. Residents’ families and friends have access to a Nourishment Center with cooking facilities, meaning family recipes can be prepared and special meals shared.

If you or a loved one could benefit from Hospice care, call (845) 561-6111 or send a message, because life doesnʼt end with a prognosis.

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