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– What is hospice?
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Learn about our services and what it means to you and your loved ones.

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Hospice provides an added level of support for patients and their families when “home” is a Nursing Home.
Our Hospice team ensures additional care to help control patient symptoms and comfort.

Hospice in Nursing Homes

With our Hospice Care Team, residents, family, and staff all benefit, when long-term and hospice care are under one roof, giving your loved one the additional comfort and care they deserve. Hospice care helps to ease the burden on loved ones turned caregivers, restoring family dynamics when family is needed the most.

Care of this scope and quality is available through Medicare at no additional cost to families.
Which nursing homes have Hospice, and does your loved one qualify? Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties is contracted with most Nursing Homes (Skilled Nursing Facilities) throughout our service area.  We’re here to answer your questions because comfort begins with reducing uncertainty.

How can Hospice Help?
Our Care Team includes, Hospice aide specialists, LPNs, RN case managers, social workers, bereavement specialists, chaplains, and volunteers all working alongside the patient and family to address physical and emotional symptoms and provide spiritual support. This ensures the patient receives the greatest benefit, increasing patient and family understanding of their care plan, and prognosis.

If you think Hospice Care would benefit you or a loved one, please contact us and we’ll walk you through your next steps.
Call (845) 561-6111 or send a message or visit our list of facilities located on our site.

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