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Trust has a name - Hospice in Nursing Homes

Ask for Experience.

Choosing hospice is about compassion. Choosing the right hospice provider at your loved one’s nursing facility is about experience. Experience has made Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties the region’s most trusted name in end-of-life care. It’s experience gained over more than 30 years serving the community our nurses and aids call home. It’s the comfort your neighbors, family, and friends experienced, when compassion mattered most.

It’s the reason others in your life know and request us by name.

Ask for Certified Hospice Care when “Home” Is a Skilled Nursing Facility

While nursing homes do offer “end-of-life palliative care” in a patient’s final days, there is an important distinction between this service and true hospice care, which can only be provided by a certified Hospice agency. Authentic hospice care spans final months – not days – and combines end-of-life symptom management with spiritual support and grief counseling for patient and family, alike. Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties, Inc. is contracted in nursing homes throughout Orange and Sullivan Counties to provide services that retain the dignity of patients and ease the burden on loved-ones turned caregivers.

How can Hospice Help?
Our team includes nurses, hospice aides, social workers, bereavement specialists, and chaplains all working alongside the patient and family to address physical and emotional care, and provide spiritual support.

This ensures the patient receives the greatest benefit, increasing patient and family understanding of their prognosis, care plan and support.

Hospice aid specialists are available three to five days a week to provide personal care services that maintain a patient’s hygiene, health, and dignity. This compassionate help includes bathing, dressing, skin & hair care, mouth care, assistance with meals, companionship, emotional support for family, and much more.

Care of this scope and quality is available through Medicare at no additional cost to families. Which nursing homes have Hospice, and does your loved one qualify? We’re here to answer your questions because comfort begins with reducing uncertainty.

Request Our Care by Name

Ask for Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties’ compassionate care and dedicated teams at your community’s nursing facilities:

  • Campbell Hall Rehabilitation Center, Inc
  • Garnet Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Highland Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
    (Formally St. Theresa's Nursing Home)
  • Middletown Park Manor Health Care Facilities
  • Montgomery Nursing Home
  • New Hope Community
  • Sapphire Nursing & Rehab at Goshen
  • Sapphire Nursing at Meadow Hill
  • Schervier Pavilion
  • Saint Joseph's Place
  • Sullivan County Adult Care Center
    (The Care Center at Sunset Lake)
  • Valley View Center

If you think Hospice Care would benefit you or a loved one, please contact us and we'll walk you through your next steps. Call (845) 561-6111 or send a message.

COVID-19 Safeguards for Hospice Care in Nursing Facilities

Because the safety of residents and their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic is of the utmost importance to us, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties follows New York State Department of Health’s guidance regarding the care of Hospice patients in community settings, like nursing facilities. Our teams also abide by all CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of the virus and practice appropriate infection control measures.

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